let’s get this baby started:)

New year and new resolutions…one of mine was to start a blog. A home for my handmade cards:) To make it a nice beginning I want to share one of my favorite cards. As all of them – handmade with love…

hope you enjoy it:)



2 thoughts on “let’s get this baby started:)

  1. Hey! Just want to say thanks for posting this blog, I needed an idea for a card for a friend of mine who is having a baby. I used some of your ideas to make a card for her. How did you ink the cut out butterflies, or is that just the paper? Did you us a stamp or just free hand them? I love your work. Thanks! -Bree

  2. hey Bree,
    Thanks for peeking at my blog!
    I’m glad that you like it and could find it inspiring:)
    Butterflies…I punched them out of Tim Holtz paper (the pink, blue and brown one, don’t remember the name) using Martha Stewart punch. I inked the edges a little bit with studio g ink pads. You can get them for $1 at Michaels (baskets 10 for $10). The ink pads are pretty good and I like most of the colors. I don’t use the ink blending tool cause it takes more time:)
    I curled the wings with scisors like you would curl the ribbon and made the anthenas with the wire. I added the beads but it’s up to you:)
    Hope that was helpful:) If you need more info just let me know:)
    I’ll be more than happy to help you!
    I know you mention the card for baby. I made one as a stroller. If it’s not too late I’ll try to post it soon:)

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