S stands for Sarah.

Life is busy lately…school has started already and it seems like some of the teachers think that people go to school because they have too much of free time and they need some entertainment, meaning school classes. It’s such a pain, when I think that instead of my crafty stuff my homework is waiting for me ;( Even though I bought some new and as always necessary stuff for my cards I can only dream about it:/ It’s like being grounded from cardmaking…

To keep my blog alive I had to dig out my older card made for proud parents of little Sarah. It’s obvious that there is nothing better for baby girl than pink onesies:) so here they are:

and of course a matching envelope:)

It was quite nice to make something for a little girl. I’m happy with the final result especially that cutting all the pieces took me some time.

That’s all from my crafty life… now it’s study time and my lonely marketing book is waiting…

I’ll try to find some more time close to midweek to put more cards on the board:)

Have a great Sunday!!


2 thoughts on “S stands for Sarah.

  1. Amy, I’m so happy to hear that!
    Thanks for stopping by! I’ll try not to keep you bored :)
    I would love to see your creations too!


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