not to late:)

Valentine’s Day is around the corner so I wanted to post my new cards. It’s not exactly my style but I decided to give it a shot:)

Here is the front of my first one:

and the back:

I had enough time to work on the details and make it cute:) I use tulle instead of lace, and some parts got treaded with glossy accents. Polka dot paper from Tim Holtz. The chain made out of wire.

Then I made another one but I was kinda busy so it’s simpler. Instead of lace or tulle I put some glitter glue, which I also used to make a chain for the necklace. And of course it couldn’t be without glossy accents. I really like the effect and since I’ve got a bottle I can’t stop using it :)

So here is the front:

and the back of the card:

Hope you enjoy them :)


4 thoughts on “not to late:)

  1. Thank you Tina, but this is not exactly my idea :( I saw it few times on other blogs but I never felt like making it on my own till now :)

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