spring break is here…

First I’ll start with my advertising project.  Here is the link to the movie I made with my team:

and our poster in English:

and in Polish:

the project is supposed to convince you to register as organ donor. Please, leave a comment on the projects website if you like them.

I know it’s getting boring but there are only few days left to click :)

Except that, my spring break has started yesterday but I’m not too excited about it.
Today I’m posting cards I made for Indian holiday called Diwali. It was sometimes in the fall but it was a time when I didn’t even thought to start my blog. Luckily I took some photos :) So here they are, first one with background paper from India:

second one with a different lamp and more glitter:

and the last one with the lamp covered with UTEE:

and a closer peek at the last one:

I was still trying to figure out how to use UTEE, so my lamp doesn’t look so neat :) The photos could be better too but it always happen that I shoot my cards two seconds before I give them away…

Hope you will click on the links to help me raise the views number :) I will really appreciate that ♥
Have a great new week!


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