new love ♥

This week brought some nice stuff. My art teacher chose one of my drawings for an exhibition in school. I heard also a few nice comments about my other drawings. That really made me happy. But then, my heart got torn…
I love card making but since I saw embroidered jewelry…I can’t control myself :) I’ve got the supplies and tried to make something. I didn’t want to invest to much in beads cause I wasn’t sure if I can do it but after making this, I’m sure it’s gonna be my new “thing”.
I know it’s not perfect yet but that’s just the start and I’m going to make a new one as soon as I get pretty beads. Now I understand people with addictions :) You just don’t have any control. For now only one photo cause the back still doesn’t look good. I try to figure it out how to make it work and look serious so no ugly views :) What do you think?

This week brought also sad news. We lost in the advertising competition :( I felt so bad because it was pretty important for many reasons. But anyway, thank you for all the clicks ♥ We’ve got almost 1500. I really think we did well :)
ok, enough for today, homework won’t get done by itself :)
Good night!!


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