long time…

Lack of new posts doesn’t mean that I was doing nothing. Actually, last two weeks were quite busy. I looked thru a big pile of books about jewelry making, checked some tutorials online, visited art stores (don’t exactly know how many times :)) and of course made some stuff. It started with this bracelet:

Something simple for myself. It was pretty nice until it died in a washing machine :(
Luckily, I saved the crystals and will make a new one :) Then I started to practice with some earrings but…it’s nothing I would like to share :)
Today, I experimented with a liver of sulphur. It didn’t work as I thought but I’ll keep
practicing :) Meanwhile, I started something with soutache…I guess it will be my new ring.
Results soon :)

At the end, a simple card:

Kasia ♥


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