something sweet…

I’ve been thinking about it for a while but there was always something else to do.
So now no excuses…here comes my first surprise candy!  It’s a surprise giveaway since I can’t decide what exactly will be the price. I only know that it will be something for scrapbooking and card making lovers.

The rules are simple as always:
1. leave a comment under this post
2. if you have a blog, make a note about this candy with a link to my blog
(can incude the banner below)
3. if you wish, subscribe to my blog via email (look left column)

You have exactly 2 weeks!
The winner will be selected on Sunday, June 19.


13 thoughts on “something sweet…

  1. Kasia…hi…
    I just found you a few minutes ago…you are truly a very talented and blessed young lady!
    I love your unique creativity and hope that you will find every day full of new ideas and wonder!
    I love this quote…sorry, can’t remember who is the author…
    “Many things in life will catch your eye…few will catch your heart…pursue those.”
    Have a good day…looking forward to reading more on your blog! : )
    Aurora, CO

  2. Wow, your cards are really cute. I’m not a jewelry person, but yours is very pretty. thanks for offering the sweet wurprise. How nice.

  3. thanks for participation, ladies :)
    there are only few days left so you have 33.3 % chances to win the surprise :)
    Good luck!!

  4. Hi Kasia, saw you on FB, added you to my blog candy page! Maybe you can get some more interest…


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