all at the same time…

so…tomorrow my school starts again…but only for seven weeks. It’s only one online class. I’ll survive :) In the meantime…so many other things. I just finished cleaning the mess after making another soutache pendant. I’ll try… I mean, I will share the photos tomorrow :)
The tutorial for the bra card not done yet, still in process :)

…and of course my surprise candy. Only one week left to sign up :) so since you are peeking here just drop one line to let me know you are up for some candy :) till now there are only two ladies but it doesn’t matter. it’s still on :)

ok, enough writing. Here is another card to share. Simple one but sometimes simplicity is the key…

to stamp the flowers I used shadow ink form Hero Arts. I love that ink, it’s so delicate. I also put some flock on the flowers but the colors matched so well so it’s hard to spot it…

now I’m ready for bed…


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