my first tutorial :)

This post will be veeeeery, veeeeery long, but don’t be scared :) It will have a lot of photos, I promise :)

Sometimes ago around Valentine’s Day I made a great card for a guy, (you can check it HERE). I saw it somewhere on the net but didn’t like that version. Few months later I decided to make it my own way. I sketched a template on the graph paper until I got the right shape.  After I posted it on my old blog somebody suggested that I should make a tutorial. I wasn’t sure if I can make one, but I won’t know if I don’t try. So please be patience if I don’t explain something clearly :)

To make this card you need:
one sheet of card stock 8.5×11 in.  (this will be the base of the card, you should choose the color of the skin)
patterned paper of your choice (it can be some scraps of paper, this will be the bra and panties)
lace (or nice ribbon, long and narrow piece of tulle)
two small bows
gemstones, pearls or anything that will work as pendant
4 in of chain or silver/gold glitter glue
scoring tool,
adhesive of your choice (I used adhesive runner, hot glue and glossy accents)
stamp with sentiment
glossy accents (optional)
anything else you would like to use to decorate your card

Print the template I made for you (click HERE to download). You can print it on thick paper and keep it as your stencil. Cut out all the shapes.

Score the base paper into half and trace the shape of the card. You should have something like this:

Hold the folded paper firmly and carefully cut out the shape. This is what you’ll get:

Now trace the rest of the shapes on the patterned paper and cut them out

You should have this:

the top strips will be shorter (mine are too long).

To finish the edge of the bra I use lace like this. But it can be any other kind of lace, ribbon or trim from fabric store.

Now attach the ribbon on the edges of the bra pieces. I worked from the roll, so I didn’t waste the lace. I used the adhesive runner on the edge and then while sticking the lace I made little folds  like here:

When you’re done just trim the lace.

This is how the front side will look like:

Now, a bit harder part…sticking the lace to the panties :) Since my lace was a little to wide I just cut it into two pieces like here:

Then I attached the lace to the top edge of the panties the same way I did with the bra. Remember that the cut edge of the lace cannot be the one that sticks out!!

This is the back side:

and the front  side:

The remaining half of the lace I attached to the bra straps:

Here are all my pieces:

Now attach the bra to the base using pretty strong adhesive. I used hot glue.

and now do the same with the back of the card:

So the card is almost ready. Just few pieces and you’re done :)

First the front. Attach one of the bows to the bra, then the chain and the gems to make
a necklace. I used the chain since I had some at home but you ca use two pieces of thin wire twisted together or silver/gold glitter to “draw” the chain. Then I stamped the “Love” sentiment. You can use any other one, depends on the occasion :)

You can’t see it on this picture but I use the glossy accents on the sentiment.

So the front of the card is ready! Now it’s time to finish the back.

Attach the second bow on the panties. You can stamp the “tattoo”. I used a heart stamp and covered it with the glossy accents.
And voilà!! Your card is ready :)

If you used the glossy accents let it dry properly. Hope you didn’t have any problems to understand my instructions :) If you use this tutorial I would love to see your work. You can always leave the link to your blog in the comments.



6 thoughts on “my first tutorial :)

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  3. I am in stamp club and next month’s theme is shaped cards. I originally wanted a surfboard template (free preferbably) online and couldn’t find one then I came across yours through Google images! It’s sooo cute! I made mine into a bikini instead of bra/panties…its so cute! I will refer them to your website so you can get credit for it. I love it and thank you.

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