links all around

Even though I’m quite exhausted I try to write as often as I can. Never thought before that blogging can be so addictive and so relaxing at the same time. At the beginning I wanted to post something maybe once a week but now a day without a post is wasted :)
Blogging world is not just about writing, it’s also about reading…yep, reading other blogs, one after the other :) I was so frustrated when the list of the blogs I follow was getting longer and longer but the free time didn’t want to stretch :( So, I decided to “educate” myself and find out how to use RSS reader. Since my email is from yahoo I thought it would be nice to have everything in one place so I started to use yahoo reader. At the beginning it was scary because how to organize gazillion links which were all around the place. Some in the  bookmarks, new blogroll, old blog roll, scraps of paper all around my desk… But slowly, slowly I’m almost there :)
If you have the same problem, don’t waste your time! There are lots of readers out there. Pick one up and start organizing your links. It’s not that hard :)
Ok. Enough typing for today. Time for pictures:)
So, here is a card for today:

nothing too special however I happy with my “handmade by me” flowers :)

Hope you enjoy! Thanks for peeking :)



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