I’ve finally found some time to catch up with a few things. I’ve signed up for the candy at Hannah Studio. She makes great pieces out of soutache. You can click here to visit her blog (and sign up for candy, too :))

In the meantime I photographed all the cards that were patiently waiting in the basket :) Had no idea that  the pile was pretty big.
Also, today I got a facebook profile for my blog. You can “like” it here :) I wanted to do it earlier but as always had no time. It’s still quite poor but slowly I’ll work on it. But that’s not all yet. Sometimes ago I wanted to buy a sewing machine but  couldn’t find the right one :( until yesterday! I was roaming around on some blogs and then I found the perfect one. Right size, right features and a great prize! I ordered it today and now can’t wait to get it :) Honestly, I don’t know how to sew. I only watched my Mom in action but I hope I’ll manage to use it for my craft projects :)
Going back to cards. It’s time to share the baby cards I made during the long weekend. Two color options. Pink:

for the girls

and blue

for the boys

It was quite laborious to stitch the curtains over the crib but that was the best solution. However, I’m glad I don’t need to do it again :)

Hope you didn’t get bored with this post :) Have a great weekend!


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