The Last Song

It’s been over a week now since I can’t make anything, but that’s a long story… But there is a good side of having time off from crafting :)
I got the chance to watch some movies. Nothing new, but good. One day I watched “The Notebook”. It was a great movie, but pretty sad though :( I would definitely recommend it if you haven’t watched it yet :) And today I just finished watching “The Last Song”. Another sad movie but also worth watching. I won’t write too much about the movies. It’s card time :)

I still have some photos which need photoshop, so here is a card that was lucky last time :)

On the background some of my handmade paper. It’s much nicer in real, the photo doesn’t show its beauty :(

I also marked the photo with my name but it seems to me a bit too big. However I can’t change it since I’ve deleted the original (upsss:))
I’ll make it small next time. What do you think?



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