Yesterday I’ve bought a new roll of very cute paper so I cut it right away, but i the meantime I was hopping on the blog and by accident I found a blog from Zielonooka (which means a girl/woman with green eyes in Polish). Her cards are really pretty and one of them, actually the flower, inspired me. I can’t say that my cards look like this one but I wanted to give the flower a try. Since I don’t have a scalloped circle punch I used decorative scissors to cut out the pieces, and also I think I used more layers. Well, it doesn’t matter. Thank you Zielonooka for the inspiration and for sharing your cards :)
So here are my creations:

and the second one:

and closer look at the flower:

hope you have a great Sunday!


2 thoughts on “inspired

    • dziekuje Zielonooka:)
      chociaz ciagle gdzies na blogach sie spotyka “gniecuszki” to jednak twoj i to wlasnie ten z zielonkawej kartki wolal do mnie ze bedzie idealny :)
      co prawda nie tylko kwiatek wolal ale inne inspiracje chce zachowac na troche pozniej :)

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