clay play and other stories…

Sorry, no Halloween cards :( Since I’m Polish I kind of don’t get this holiday. For us it’s a quiet, grave time.
Instead of making Halloween cards I decided to take some photos. I thought the light was pretty ok so I set my “studio” on the dining table :) Before I really wanted to shoot my cards in the light tent, but I kind of don’t like that final, “artificial” look that I’m getting :( I think I’m not doing it completely right so I decided to stick to the dining table :)
Sometimes ago I’ve mentioned that I made cute buttons out of polymer clay. After the first round I was wondering…hmm, what should I do now?…but the second round came out quite pretty :)

I treated them with some pearl pigment and then sprayed a glossy coat. Hope you can see it better below

I’m so ready to use them on my cards!
so, speaking (I mean writing :) ) about the cards, here is another one to share:

love the heart charm hiding close to the flowers, I think I got the whole pack from a party store, but not sure.
hope I didn’t bore you too much :)


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