a horse would laugh…

The candy is closed since Monday and as you could see the winner is Jennsquared.  I announced that in the last post.
However she never got back to me with her post address :(  I thought that I’ll wait till Friday morning and if I don’t hear from her I’ll transform myself into “lotto” machine again to choose a new winner.  So, look like the candy is still on, except that just for the people who signed before. Hope next winner will check the email (or my blog :) ) more often.

Today will be without the card :(  Since Penny  has asked for tutorial for the baby stroller I started working on it. I wish it could be ready before the weekend but I can’t promise…

So today, the cards will be replaced by the horses :)

and the laughing horse :)


sweet memories

Yesterday I was looking for some stuff on my computer and besides the needed documents I found some cool memories from my trip home last year. I picked a few photos but there are hundreds of them on my disk waiting to get dusted off :) I took them exactly one year ago…



hope you enjoyed it
Kasia ♥