meet Kasia

Hello, I’m Kasia.

Graphic designer, photographer, and crafter.
I always liked pretty things, but I can’t say I started designing as a kid. In reality, however, my love and passion for graphic design grew as the result of a very evolutionary process. It started with photography. I remember how much I enjoyed looking through boxes of old photographs and dreamed about capturing my own. After studying photography for a few semesters and learning the software, it seemed natural to continue with the graphic design field. I finally found a way to make the ideas born in my head come to life. For me, concepts and projects aren’t just about making pretty pictures. It really fascinates me how I can marry form and function to create a breathing, living design. I love that the field of graphic design is so broad and allows for an endless study and exploration and can be applied to such a diverse range of applications, from paper crafts to user interfaces for mobile apps. I love how a piece of paper and a pencil can help me to narrow a broad range of ideas down to one specific logo design, which later on will turn into a foundation of a whole new brand. Besides logo and branding design, I specialize in printed and digital marketing materials, web design, illustration, photo editing and restoration, as well personalized handmade and design projects like wedding stationery. Feel free to check out my portfolio and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or a project in mind. And don’t worry if your idea seems unconventional or far-fetched; I’m pretty good at working with my clients to make sure that I understand what they’re after, and that what I ultimately create is something that they will truly love!


6 thoughts on “meet Kasia

  1. I received my card today, thank you! It’s beautiful! I make cards as well and you might see them occasionally on my Facebook page:
    Carol Hermann Carratt
    I just make them for family and friends because I have chronic pain and fatigue. I have been told I should make them for profit, but my inspiration comes from the person I make them for. How did you create the heart on the card? Is the pearly flourish made with Pearl Pens? I need to try that technique! I mostly have guy cards to make with a husband, two sons, two grandsons, two brothers, etc.
    Thank you again, Carol

    • hey Carol, I’m so happy to hear you like the card. The heart is cut out from paper. I inked the edges a little bit for the contrast and then used UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel). I love the look of the embellishments after embossing. For the flourish I used Liquid Pearls, but lately I discovered “Beads in the bottle” from Tulip. You can find them at Michaels, and the colors are bold so will work great on your cards for guys :) You should try them.
      Hugs, Kasia
      PS. I’m going to “stop by” to check your cards:)

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