birdies in love/zakochane ptaszory

This time I have a bunch of birds in love to share. I found the template I made ages ago to cut the birds, so that’s how they started.
Some of them are just simply in love, some already got married (notice the veil) :)
Making the birds is a great way to use the scraps of the precious paper that it hurts to throw away.
Dziś do pokazania mam gromadkę zakochanych ptaszorów. Niektóre już po ślubie (z filcowym welonem) :) Tak mnie na nie naleciało po odkopaniu starego szablonu na ptaki. Przy okazji użyłam ścinki papieru, które żal wyrzucić.

kasia kleszko

kasia kleszko

kasia kleszko

kasia kleszko

kasia kleszko


Some of the birds already found a new home.
Niektóre z powyższych ptaszorów znalazły już nowy dom.



wedding birds

Want to post here more often, but my school consumes my whole time… I like my school. I really do, but too much of anything isn’t good at all. That’s how I feel about my classes…just too much. So I decided to take a little break and share more birds here.
It’s a simple wedding card:

I hand drew the stencil for the birds and traced on the light color patterned paper. I attached them with foam squares to give some dimension:

Have a great week!


tweet tweet

I wish I could know some magic to stretch my time. It would be awesome to have enough time for homework, friends, cards, blog, cooking and a few minutes left for reading…
My school is killing me lately, but today I’ll start my homework by sharing a birdie card.
It feels like a piece of Spring…
Whenever I get a free minute or two I make these cute fabric flowers. They are so easy and super quick. I put them not only on my cards but also on the hair clips.

I love how they add some dimension to the card.

Have a great Sunday and more of free time for crafting:)