change of topics…

After I got “woooow” about jewelry making I thought it’s time to check a jig. I got one but the infatuation didn’t last too long. Even though I manage to make one pretty cute bracelet the jig couldn’t grab my attention for too long. I finally returned it and ended up with this little bracelet with Swarovski crystals:

It’s very light to wear and looks cute on the wrist.
Now, a new thing in my head is a soutache bracelet. Can’t wait to start one :)


more soutache

What to write…except that I finished a new soutache pendant and kept crafting all weekend long nothing more interesting happened.
Don’t feel like writing, just wanted to show the piece that supposed to be one of my new earrings but it got out of control and it became a pendant. I used all sorts of beads, but I don’t actually know what kind they are. Greenish stone, some crystals and some pearl looking ones.
More on the photos…

and a straight look …

 thanks for peeking!
Kasia ♥

long time…

Lack of new posts doesn’t mean that I was doing nothing. Actually, last two weeks were quite busy. I looked thru a big pile of books about jewelry making, checked some tutorials online, visited art stores (don’t exactly know how many times :)) and of course made some stuff. It started with this bracelet:

Something simple for myself. It was pretty nice until it died in a washing machine :(
Luckily, I saved the crystals and will make a new one :) Then I started to practice with some earrings but…it’s nothing I would like to share :)
Today, I experimented with a liver of sulphur. It didn’t work as I thought but I’ll keep
practicing :) Meanwhile, I started something with soutache…I guess it will be my new ring.
Results soon :)

At the end, a simple card:

Kasia ♥