thank you card

The New Year didn’t start too busy on the blog but in real it started pretty well. I got lots of new ideas and new inspirations, made some cards with new paper. It’s quite busy as always but it’s good to be occupied.

Here is another thank you card to share. Pretty simple. Handmade clay button and so pretty paper.


clay play and other stories…

Sorry, no Halloween cards :( Since I’m Polish I kind of don’t get this holiday. For us it’s a quiet, grave time.
Instead of making Halloween cards I decided to take some photos. I thought the light was pretty ok so I set my “studio” on the dining table :) Before I really wanted to shoot my cards in the light tent, but I kind of don’t like that final, “artificial” look that I’m getting :( I think I’m not doing it completely right so I decided to stick to the dining table :)
Sometimes ago I’ve mentioned that I made cute buttons out of polymer clay. After the first round I was wondering…hmm, what should I do now?…but the second round came out quite pretty :)

I treated them with some pearl pigment and then sprayed a glossy coat. Hope you can see it better below

I’m so ready to use them on my cards!
so, speaking (I mean writing :) ) about the cards, here is another one to share:

love the heart charm hiding close to the flowers, I think I got the whole pack from a party store, but not sure.
hope I didn’t bore you too much :)