boxes… / dzisiaj trochę po polsku…

I was thinking for quite a while now, that it would be nice to write not only in English but also in Polish, my native language. So don’t be scared when you see messages in cosmic code, people :)
Ok, enough about languages, this suppose to be about cards…
So, here they are, box after box :)

next one…

and another…

and one more…

Promise, this is the last photo…

All of the boxes are made with my Indian paper. I used scraps that are too small to be a background, but I’m not ready to recycle so “big” scraps. The boxes are mounted with square foams. I use two to make them pop a bit more.

~~~ *** ~~~
Zabierałam się już wcześniej, ale jakoś mi tak nie wychodziło. Dziś oficjalnie postanowiłam pisać też trochę po polsku. W końcu was tu trochę zagląda :)
Nie bedę jednak tłumaczyć słowo w słowo powyżych notek po angielsku. To by mnie chyba dobiło kompletnie :)
Troche mam stracha, bo już tak dawno nie pisałam po polsku, że już nawet nie pamiętam za dobrze o tych wszystkich ą i ę. Aż mi wstyd po prostu :(
Powoli, oznaczę też polskie tagi, aby łatwiej było Wam szukać poszczególnych kartek.



Diwali part 2

Here it comes part two of Diwali cards. Opposite to other posts, this one will have a bit more photos.

They are pretty much the same. There are minor details. Some have sequins, some the liquid beads or gems.

A closer look at the diya:

All the elements are attached with foam squares for a little pop.

Both versions:

On the cards I used new pearls. Before, I used to use the “Liquid Pearls” from Ranger. They were ok, but lately I found at Michaels “Beads in a Bottle” from Tulip. It’s actually a paint for fabric to create self-rounding beads.  They are much easier to use and after a little practice  I had perfect pearls. The beads dry nice and round, no spikes on top.