one more…

Since I’m in a soutache mood there is one more piece to share… of course… another pendant :) 

Purple is definitely not one of my favorite colors but when combined with black looks pretty nice.

I used some glass and stone beads. The size of the pendant is about 2 in x 1.5 in but it’s still very light. to cover the back I used a piece of black felt.

Now after few pendants I really wanna make a bracelet for myself. Will see how long I can actually sit with one project :)


crazy with soutache…

Yesterday I couldn’t stand the horrible photos taken in the night so in the meantime I took some more it the daylight. :) Of course I exchange the ones from the last post but there are more to share. :) I’m excited like a little kid. So here is another soutache piece:

The stone in the middle is green serpentine with matte finish which looks nice with shiny black agate balls.


soutache again…

I don’t know why I’m so silly and try to take photos of my stuff in the middle of the night with horrible light…Anyway, I’ll show what I’ve got. If by any chance I’ll get better photos I can always exchange them :)

I guess, I should show  the soutache promised yesterday…
So…here are two similar pieces. Of course it’s a tradition by now that even though I plan to make one thing I end up with something completely different :) So here are the earrings that became two similar pendants :) The square stone is grey feldspar, the white round beads are snow quartz and the hanging beads are glass.

and the second one:

and both:

thanks for peeking! don’t forget the candy :)

had to exchange the photos cause the old ones were horrible :)

more soutache

What to write…except that I finished a new soutache pendant and kept crafting all weekend long nothing more interesting happened.
Don’t feel like writing, just wanted to show the piece that supposed to be one of my new earrings but it got out of control and it became a pendant. I used all sorts of beads, but I don’t actually know what kind they are. Greenish stone, some crystals and some pearl looking ones.
More on the photos…

and a straight look …

 thanks for peeking!
Kasia ♥

per blow

Yesterday was a ring so today…  my first soutache pendant:









it actually doesn’t completely match the ring but it doesn’t matter :) the most important for me that it’s done and it looks neat. That what makes me happy :)

Hope you like it too :)

Kasia ♥

* edit: the old photo got exchanged