glimmer mists and other stories…

it’s been a while since I’ve posted something…Time flies like crazy and so much happens.
Don’t worry i won’t kill you with all boring details :) Last weekend I’ve made a cute bracelet but it survived with me less than one week. I used a bad thread and the beads started falling off :( Then I bought 12 jars of pearlex (with 40% off at Michaels :) ) and then I started mixing and mixing… homemade glimmer mists. Just in case you’re interested here is how I got it: I got a scoop of pearlex, a drop of clear school glue (to make the glimmer stay on the paper) and some water. The size of the scoop depends of the effect you want to get. Mix everything in a mini mister and you’re good to go :) After mixing the mists I made a dozen of cards for Diwali. I’ll show them after I take proper photos. Speaking about photos, I finally made a soft box so maybe now my photos will not be that crappy :) A few days ago I also made a new soutache ring. I got some ring bases from etsy and they worked perfectly.

have a great weekend!! Hope this time I will come back here sooner :)


ring looking

I’ve been naughty today and instead doing my homework I finished my little soutache things. Today something “ring looking” :)
So here it is:

and the other way:

No picture of it on the finger since I couldn’t use anybody and using myself wasn’t best idea. First of all it’s really hard to photograph your own hand with the ring and secondly after whole day of drawing my fingers look ugly.

I couldn’t wait to finish this ring. I really like it and I almost have a matching pendant but it needs the backing to be done.
I am soo happy that finally it looks nice :) I used my old silver ring since I didn’t buy ring bases yet.
Slowly it’s getting together and I have better idea about soutache. Definitely more in the future :)

thanks for peeking in!
♥ Kasia

new love ♥

This week brought some nice stuff. My art teacher chose one of my drawings for an exhibition in school. I heard also a few nice comments about my other drawings. That really made me happy. But then, my heart got torn…
I love card making but since I saw embroidered jewelry…I can’t control myself :) I’ve got the supplies and tried to make something. I didn’t want to invest to much in beads cause I wasn’t sure if I can do it but after making this, I’m sure it’s gonna be my new “thing”.
I know it’s not perfect yet but that’s just the start and I’m going to make a new one as soon as I get pretty beads. Now I understand people with addictions :) You just don’t have any control. For now only one photo cause the back still doesn’t look good. I try to figure it out how to make it work and look serious so no ugly views :) What do you think?

This week brought also sad news. We lost in the advertising competition :( I felt so bad because it was pretty important for many reasons. But anyway, thank you for all the clicks ♥ We’ve got almost 1500. I really think we did well :)
ok, enough for today, homework won’t get done by itself :)
Good night!!